Author Judy A. GillSTEPPING STONES….

            I made my earthly debut in a city called Belleville, IL means “Beautiful Village”. I was raised in a devote and strict Christian home learning early that unconditional service was one key factor to finding joy.  My service ranged from taking my grandmother to places she needed to go, doing anonymous things for others or doing chores around the house without being told.  Chipping in and doing your part was a very crucial part of my family ties and growing closer to each other as well as learning of God’s love.

I loved drawing, painting, crafts of all kinds and wrote poems about my friends; all of which played an important role in my latter years as I contemplated writing children’s books for and on behalf of each one of my three children, their spouses and my (to date) one granddaughter.

As I got older I was fascinated by learning pioneer skills like spinning, weaving, back to basic lifestyles that I moved to Denver, CO to be around the “Mountains”. It was hard being 900 miles away from my comfort zone but I wanted to learn and boy the hard knocks of life taught me more about myself and dependency on God.  That was when I learned more about life and people.

Upon returning from Colorado, I attended college and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design. By this time, I was also a single mother of two kids going back to college in my 30’s.  A few years later, I remarried and we moved to Tennessee Valley and began a very simple and basic “Amish-like” lifestyle.  I think it taught us all how strong we really were and I am so proud of how my children have turned out!  They are very independent and not afraid of hard work.

During my time in Tennessee, I have become very involved in Home Preparedness, canning, gardening and 72 hour Emergency awareness.  I taught classes in my Church and community alike for over the last 15 years. Every year since 2008, I’ve participated in showing others what families can do to be more prepared in all types of emergencies through the yearly EMERGENCY PREPARENESS FAIR in Columbia, TN.  I love gardening and learning about the medicine value of herbs and other holistic remedies.

I decided to become a substitute teacher in the Marshall County Schools to continue my mission of teaching others.  Being in an environment to teach was so rewarding on an elementary level that I thought of going back to school to become a teacher. The cost was too much at this stage of my life. I then thought of teaching through writing of books.  Since I had over 30 years of teaching Sunday School to children of all ages, I thought… yeah here’s the last stepping stone of my journey through life… let’s combine it altogether!

WOW! I just hit a gold mine of unlimited potential as the reality of a dream coming true as it quickly unfolds as my new calling in life as an Author and witness to testify of God’s hand in my life comes into full bloom! To enhance with my testimony of service for over 35 years , I belong to one of the largest and oldest women’s organization in the world known as Relief Society and very humbled to be in the strength of the sisterhood of God’s eternal daughters. My favorite author and illustrator is Norman Vincent Peale and Norman Rockwell. They are truly an inspiration to my life as an writer. Her book is published through Tate Publishing, a mainline publishing house dedicated to working with aspiring authors and giving their book its best chance in the marketplace. If you’ve ever thought about publishing a book, you should visit tatepublishing.com.